(January 23, 2018)

By Ryan MacDonald, Director of Outreach and Engagement

Health consumer outreach is critical to the success of the innovative but complex delivery system transformation efforts that are taking place across the country. Many of the changes to the way care is delivered and paid for impact health consumers directly and can be exceptionally personal.  Consumers can provide valuable feedback to policy makers and others implementing new health care programs....

(July 26, 2017)

By Ryan MacDonald, Director of Outreach and Engagement

Physicians are a crucial element of our health care system.They are on the frontlines, not only directing patient care, but also implementing many of the system changes we need to improve care and achieve greater efficiencies. Efforts to increase access, quality, and value in the health care delivery system hinge on physician buy-in – making physician engagement a top priority for many of Harbage Consulting’s clients....