California’s Health Homes Program Expands to Eight More Counties

By Lilly Clements, Junior Policy Consultant, Tanya Schwartz, Director, Medicaid Policy, and Ryan MacDonald, Director, Outreach and Engagement

On July 1, 2019, eight additional counties in California launched the Health Homes Program (HHP) for Medi-Cal (Medicaid) beneficiaries. The two counties that launched HHP on January 1st of this year – San Bernardino and Riverside – also expanded their HHPs to serve Medi-Cal members with mental health conditions in addition to those with physical health conditions.

The HHP first launched in San Francisco in July 2018 and then expanded to Riverside and San Bernardino counties in January 2019. Orange County will launch its program in January 2020. The HHP is a Medi-Cal benefit that provides a care team and other extra services to members who have the highest health care needs. A care coordinator leads the team and is responsible for creating connections among the member’s health care providers and facilitating access to a full range of physical health, behavioral health, and social services including housing.

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is working closely with Medi-Cal managed care plans to implement the HHP. The managed care plans contract with community health care providers (known as Community-Based Care Management Entities or CB-CMEs) to provide many of the HHP services.









Harbage Consulting’s Role

In preparation for this month’s launch, Harbage Consulting developed and updated outreach and education materials to explain the HHP to Medi-Cal members, dual eligibles (people enrolled in both Medicare and Medi-Cal), health care providers, and community-based organizations. Our team recently released an updated HHP Provider Guide and a Member Toolkit – the Medi-Cal managed care plans leverage these materials in their work and Harbage Consulting is also using them in its on-the-ground outreach efforts to educate providers and members about the HHP.

Harbage Consulting has developed additional materials on behalf of DHCS that can be found on the DHCS HHP website including: