Communications, Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement

Harbage Consulting has extensive experience assisting state and local governments with all aspects of health care program development and implementation. One of the most critical elements of any successful public initiative is ensuring that there is an effective process for communicating with key stakeholders.

We translate complex program rules and policies into language that is tailored and meaningful to those stakeholders and ensure that there are clear lines of communication back to policy makers. In addition, we conduct targeted outreach to specific audiences such as providers, consumer advocates, and beneficiaries themselves, to ensure that the goals of the initiative are clear.

California’s Coordinated Care Initiative


Since 2011, Harbage Consulting has been assisting the California Department of Health Care Services in implementing the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) for individuals eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare. We work to ensure that California’s dual eligible beneficiaries have accurate and actionable information about enrolling in a managed care plan to support their own decision-making processes. In leading this project, Harbage Consulting:


  • Assists the state by developing promotional materials, hosting regular community meetings, managing the website – – and responding to questions to help stakeholders stay informed and engaged.
  • Ensures that providers and beneficiaries are well informed and educated about their health care options.
  • Works closely with key CCI stakeholders to understand their perspectives as advocates and experts in their fields and to ensure that their concerns about the program are understood and taken into consideration.
  • Provides the state with strategic and policy advice that is informed by our extensive on-the-ground work at the community level. For more information about this work, see our CCI Case Study.

California Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Demonstration


Harbage Consulting provides policy and fiscal expertise as well as project management support to the California Department of Health Care Services as it develops a competitive application to participate in the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) Medicaid demonstration. We are also leading the development of the required prospective payment system methodology for the demonstration application. As the state works to develop its formal CCBHC application, Harbage Consulting developed and implemented stakeholder engagement tools to inform the state’s planning, including:


  • Creating and supporting a representative CCBHC Advisory Group.
  • Developing and launching a California-focused CCBHC website.
  • Hosting webinars, developing frequently asked questions, and maintaining a stakeholder email inbox.

Healthier Washington Initiative


In 2015, Harbage assisted the Washington State Health Care Authority in refining the messaging and stakeholder engagement strategy for the Healthier Washington Initiative as the state worked to merge its Medicaid section 1115 delivery system reform waiver proposal with the work underway through its State Innovation Models (SIM) grant. Our team:


  • Conducted a landscape assessment of current communications strategies and their effectiveness with key stakeholders.
  • Developed a comprehensive strategy for communicating effectively about the common goals of the two initiatives.
  • Produced a messaging framework with materials for Healthier Washington and for the state’s work on its Medicaid section 1115 waiver.

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